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But it's not as if he's reeeally my teacher!!

Now I've been trying to convince myself of the above for two days. It won't sink in. 8/
Yup, I'm in luuurv. With M., 20 years old, teacher...Meeeh! Oh, plus he's got a girlfriend, but I - shouldn't finish this sentence...
It's so unfair! I've never met anyone so captivating, enthralling - perfect! I can't tell whether he's gorgeous or hot, sexy or cute. He's everything, I suppose, everything that I can't have. Yet.

He really is the odd one out, 'cos I've always had this thing for teachers but I always figured it was only...lust. *blush* But with M. I feel as if there'd always been the click, you know? Even before we met and I know that sounds awfully soppy but it's true.

Gurgl. My brain hurts.
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