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Thanks to _lethe_'s reassuring pat of yesterday, today went not that bad at all. 8)

I did feel a bit dejected, though, just around noon. But that was only because I'd been awfully introverted that morning and hadn't bother to chat with other people, who were in the same unfamiliar situation as I was, mind you. So when I finally 'overcame my troubles', I started talking to some of the boys of my new class. There was this hilarious stonerboy, Marek, and Tim, who I'd already met at the entrance examinations. Oh, and there was Kevin, who'd broken something in his left hand down the pub last Saturday ('...but since I kept drinking on and on I didn't feel anything 'til the next morning.')

Going back home was proper fucked, because I had to carry a big box full of painting materials and tools in the train. Even my charms wither when I start puffing; face all sweaty, cursing everyone and everything in a direct radius.
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