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Am awfully hungover. Got completely drunk on whiskey last night. Got chat up by this blonde who wanted to shoot some pool with me. He had a funny accent - appears he was Russian. His dark-haired Russian friend joined us later on. Ramon was all excited and proud of me, 'cos there he was: getting free drinks and smokes while sitting at a table with two Russian blokes. He couldn't thank me enough.
Appears the blonde, Igor, was 'une artiste' (a painter!) and he gave me his card (which I lost). The brunette, Alexander - but mostly referred to as Sasha (?!) - was a musician. I'm good. xD
We never got to play some pool. We just talked a bit. And kissed a bit. Teehee. I never just kiss on a whim, you know? Shows how really pissed I was...
So I'm in bed, 4.30am, and all of a sudden my cellphone's making purring noises. Igor. Turns out Ramon gave him my number... he's dead.
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